28 August 2007

The World in the Narrow Eyes of the Diva and the Cofibean

Two weeks ago, Draco dragged me quite excitedly to see this certain blog on Friendster. He told me it caused an angry stir among his officemates and was sure to be registered in my top ten annoying list. Boy, was I disappointed. If I must extend my list to a hundred, it won't even be given a sliver of the limelight.

A month past, I stumbled upon a random blog ranting on a certain Malu Fernandez and her article that was said to have offended the OFWs. The hostile review (or more appropriately, ranting) of her article failed to grab my curiosity. Surprisingly, her name did. I used to have a schoolmate way back high school (and even became my officemate in Manila) with the same name except that this girl I know do not have the haughty airs.

Between the two blogs, I find the latter has more character and even funny. Except that the joke is not the article that Malu Fernandez wrote but the writer herself. The former blog was just a tedious read and if you must pretend to be educated by the finest universities in the country and claim to be the son of a millionaire with hordes of yayas at your beck and call, please do so with a fitting patter of your claimed social class and the bravado not to hide in a lame appellation such as cofibean.

Feel free to check the links within this post. Who knows you might just have a good laugh?


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