02 August 2007

A Backtrack

When a serious bout of OCD hits me, I tend to rummage through my stuff and unclutter every bit and pieces in my room. In the process of arranging old scrapbooks and diaries in a chronological order, I chanced upon my dog-eared notebook of juvenile poems. As I read through, it made me realize that I was such an impassioned gargoyle eleven years ago. It's just a bit sad that over time, a once burning candle can just somehow flicker and die.

As a tribute to that old self, I am posting a few selected poems.

The Beauty of the Night

Lying down on the moist sand
Watching as each moment passes by

And marvel as sights shift to different tides
Anticipating darkness to engulf the entirety

Tacitly enthralled by the charm the star sparkle brings

Oblivious of the cold winds caress
Not minding the shivers seething through
Waiting for a scarlet starlight cross
To make a wish ‘though absurd
That time may stand still
To stop the ticking of clocks

For forever I want this to last
Knowing I’m spending a night with you.

Because of You

Caused a rift
That my heart was ripped apart

You came putting them back

From pieces to whole again

Queer, they say I am
But who cares
When you see deeply behind the fa├žade

Smile covered the core
That deep inside it’s hurting all the more
Yet you heard my quiet sobs amidst blaring sounds

Tears arises from fears
That I may forever be in solitude
But in your warm embrace
You don’t have to say a word
It all answers the questions
I used to hold

Always You

a love long hidden
in a place unknown
right from the first glance
love has crept
love has grown

a part long secluded
passed by eons of time
covered by milestones of life
drenched with mem’ries of the past

long it has been
love stood still to time’s tests
it lingered for it’s you


Tonight I shall look out the window
a face I long to gaze

a shadow I yearn to see

But where are you tonight
Why didn’t I see
a face outside my window
a shadow on my doorsteps

Ever tonight and all the sunsets in life
your presence, I desire to feel.


Hours have passed
And it has never been
Quite the same

Things have changed

For better or worse
In my mind, I don’t hold a clue

New feelings evoked
Out of nowhere, it appears
Vibrant as morning dew
It touches the depth of being
So strangely, deeply
To the yelping heart, it beats.

Never been myself
Since that voice strummed the strings

Of that part that you set to confuse

Who could stop the beating of drums?

To myself, I asked.

Two Different People

Different views and perceptions
Different hearts and expressions

So different

In so many ways
In so many things

Options and opinions differ
Likes and wants diverse
Differ in their beliefs, in their stances
Can love bridge the two different paths
The two different tracks that never crossed

Minds may differ
Beliefs may vary
But their hearts do converge
In a specified point called love.

Flipping through the dusty pages of my notebook has lead me to an emotional upheaval. As for now, I'll have to assuage myself with a quick fix of caffeine.


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