22 August 2007

To be or Not to be Piqued

In between mouthfuls of chorizo, Jelai recounted a story to which I can't exactly convey my reaction into words. I vacillate between being a piqued citizen or a pleased patron.

Her friend, whose identity we will conceal by the name Tereza, had a scheduled job interview in an uptown four-star hotel which happens to have the best chicken-pork adobo and the tastiest olive and mushroom penne. In my random cravings for a gastronomical high, this is one of the places I would definitely consider. Ah good food... always an effective diversion! So, where was I? Oh Tereza! Clad in a gauzy white top and khakis ensemble, she alighted from the PUJ (public utility jeepney) right in front of the hotel's entrance. As per routine, the lobby guards checked her bag thoroughly however, as she was about to take the elevator, one of the guards approached her. Tereza got confused when she was escorted to the administrative office to secure an ID pass. Unfamiliar with the hotel's procedure, she proceeded to the office where she was interrogated for thirty minutes. Tereza got the uncomfortable feeling of being scrutinized and judged by the simplicity of her appearance. To prove the veracity of her words, she presented her company ID and it was only then that the hotel OIC (officer-in-charge) apologized and explained the strict measures they have implemented due to the presence of several government officials.

I can only assume how it made Tereza feel but I'm certain it wasn't very nice. I'm not too sure about the implementation of stricter security measures since during the electoral campaign period in April and May it was pretty lax when some friends and I would just hang out either by the business center or by the poolside cafe of the hotel. It may also be true that the hotel honchos are now enforcing stricter security measures for their guests' safety and this, I will find out as soon as I have the energy to haul my sluggish self out of the house.

Hmmm.... I might be reappearing there sooner than you think, as I am already having hallucinations of the chicken pork adobo and the olive and mushroom penne.


Lupideloop said...

Why did your friend not mention her mission to that hotel immediately... would have definitely saved her the discomfort of being interrogated such, and also the embarrassment of the Security Officials who are but following orders!

However... the presence of grub of that calibre can always alleviate the pain of such an experience!!

Issa Jimenez said...

"Why did your friend not mention her mission to that hotel immediately..."

I believe she did not see the need to do so since the guests or the people ahead of her were able to go through security without fuss. But I think the moment one of the security officials approached her, she should have told him her business at once.

"However... the presence of grub of that calibre can always alleviate the pain of such an experience!!"

You can say that again!

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