10 August 2007

The Marriage of Time and Change

Time is fleeting. Change is inevitable.

Back to the days when my Lolo (grandfather) still has the energy to walk around the city by his lonesome even on a sweltering summer day, my sister and I would never stop badgering him to bring us to the beach. He would scowl at us animatedly and laugh. But it could never deter us from pulling and tugging at his shirt clamorously. But I knew we were going anyway, I have mischievously sneaked a peek on his schedule planner. We just wanted to drive my grandfather nuts and he just let us.

Age has enfeebled my Lolo's body and somehow, dimmed his once-photographic memory. He merely sits on his wheelchair oblivious of the day's hustles and bustles. The last time I visited home, he reached out to touch my face with his trembling gnarled hands and called somebody else's name. There's only one good thing about this. He does not recognize the pounds of flab before him; in the figment of his memory, I am still twenty pounds thinner. Bless his memory.

Time passes. Change ensues.

Every summer afternoon of my high school days was spent at Bea's house which annoyed Mama so much she threatened to have all my things packed and relocated to Bea's place. It would have been a treat otherwise to be part of the humorous racket of a household with nine children. We would spend the afternoon eating spicy hamburgers to our heart's content or just laze away at their den getting a kick every time we swap sarcastic comments about everything and everyone.

Maturity has led us to different paths. We hardly ever have free afternoons. Rare free afternoons are now spent in coffee shops and then realizing in mid conversation how you no longer share the same views and opinions about everything like you used to.

Time moves on. Change sets in.

In one of those summer days in my childhood, I remember how I enjoyed clasping the sand in my hand and then letting it drip from my grasp. Time is like that. It can never be held for long. No matter what happens, time continues to move. As it moves, lives are changed forever.

I can only hope to freeze certain moments in my life but nothing can capture wonderful moments perfectly. Not even one's memory.


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