18 August 2007

Poetic Binge

When caught in between the echoes of the past and the obscurity of the status quo, words become suspended in midair like a flimsy thread of gossamer. In such situation, I souse my voiceless carcass with my only known remedy -- poetry.

Indulge with me in this poetic intoxication...

Autumn (by Rainer Maria Rilke)

The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up,
as if orchards were dying high in space.
Each leaf falls as if it were motioning "no."

And tonight the heavy earth is falling
away from all other stars in the loneliness.

We're all falling. This hand here is falling.
And look at the other one. It's in them all.

And yet there is Someone, whose hands
infinitely calm, holding up all this falling.

Interior Portrait
(by Rainer Maria Rilke)

You don't survive in me
because of memories;
nor are you mine because
of a lovely longing's strength.

What does make you present
is the ardent detour
that a slow tenderness
traces in my blood.

I do not need
to see you appear;
being born sufficed for me
to lose you a little less.

When I Have Fears
(by John Keats)

When I have fears that I may cease to be
Before my pen has glean'd my teeming brain,
Before high-piled books, in charactery,

Hold like rich garners the full ripen'd grain;

When I behold, upon the night's starr'd face,

Huge cloudy symbols of a high romance,

And think that I may never live to trace

Their shadows, with the magic hand of chance;

And when I feel, fair creature of an hour,

That I shall never look upon thee more,

Never have relish in the faery power

Of unreflecting love;--then on the shore

Of the wide world I stand alone, and think

Till love and fame to nothingness do sink

Anaïs Nin)

And then the day came,
when the risk

to remain tight

in a bud

was more painful

than the risk
it took
to Blossom.

Put Out My Eyes
(by Rainer Maria Rilke)

Put out my eyes, and I can see you still,
Slam my ears to, and I can hear you yet;
And without any feet can go to you;
And tongueless, I can conjure you at will.
Break off my arms, I shall take hold of you
And grasp you with my heart as with a hand;
Arrest my heart, my brain will beat as true;
And if you set this brain of mine afire,
Then on my blood-stream I yet will carry you.

A Walk
(by Rainer Maria Rilke)

My eyes already touch the sunny hill.
going far ahead of the road I have begun.
So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;
it has its inner light, even from a distance-

and changes us, even if we do not reach it,
into something else, which, hardly sensing it,
we already are; a gesture waves us on
answering our own wave...
but what we feel is the wind in our faces.

The Poet
(by Rainer Maria Rilke)

O hour of my muse: why do you leave me,
Wounding me by the wingbeats of your flight?
Alone: what shall I use my mouth to utter?

How shall I pass my days? And how my nights?

I have no one to love. I have no home.
There is no center to sustain my life.
All things to which I give myself grow rich
and leave me spent, impoverished, alone.


Lupideloop said...

Rainer Maria Rilke and Anais Nin are two completely new names to me, but Keats..... ah, Keats! He has a style so unique!

Do you write any of your own?

Issa Jimenez said...

Rilke and Nin are considered literary giants too in the same league with Keats. I hope you would learn to like them too.

With Keats, though, his style has several cunning allusions which I find immensely stimulating.

ross said...

I love Rainer Maria Rilke and Anais Nin...the film Kissing Jessica Stein introduced me to these great writers.

Thanks for posting some of their works.

Issa Jimenez said...

Not everyone can easily appreciate their great oeuvres like you do. Hats off to you, Ross!

I'll check out that film, thanks for the information.

Joanne said...

Wow, I really like this post. Very nice collection of poems...I enjoyed reading them very much! I'm adding you to my linkage as well =)

Issa Jimenez said...

I'm glad you like poetry as well, Joanne! Thanks for adding my link.

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