22 September 2007

Scratch that itch

How can something so sacred as marriage be reduced to being a mere time-share arrangement?

Has society become too advanced to believe in a love that lasts? Have the Muses caved in and submit themselves to the ruins and fall from glory?

In a world that has become obsessed with what's nouveau, have human emotions morphed into androids that subsist based on its battery life?

Have we grown too cynical to seal relationships with a business contract?

To live life mechanically and forge relationships dispassionately, is this the slogan of the digital age?

It would be hypocrisy to say that I'd rather backtrack to the age where g-strings made of leaves were a fashion but if we have become the kind of race that succumbs too easily to "itches", then all these claimed innovative breakthroughs are the only things that define us. Nothing more.


Lupideloop said...

Absolute madness, had seen this article yesterday I believe and just couldn't understand how anyone could really utter such nonsense.

What kind of world will it be if we allow the authorities to limit the timespan of our relationships? My mind goes back to George Orwell's 1984 and the sterilised lives his characters lived!

God forbid that such ideas are given serious consideration!

parisukat said...


Issa Jimenez said...

lupideloop, it's totally nonsense! the idea spells T-R-A-S-H..

parisukat, ☻.. one of those ideas that just causes nosebleed..

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