15 September 2007

Gone Haywire

Thursday, 3pm

For an hour, I watched... Allow me to rephrase that appropriately.. I actually enjoyed watching the UAAP basketball match between UST and FEU. The most recent memory I have of a basketball match was the championship game between Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls. Not that I was a basketball fanatic then but the men-dominated household was glued to that particular game and changing the channel just for the sheer fun of it could perhaps endanger dear life (I didn't have the gall to test their avowed adulation to Michael Jordan but I wish I did. Darn.)

Friday, 9pm

For the past three weeks, Ha Jin's Waiting has been collecting dust on my bedside table (along with two other books) and I couldn't seem to manage to finish more than two chapters without getting the soporific spell. So, I started rereading Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being which, as always, reduced me into smithereens (in a great literary way, though). To be fair with Ha Jin, I must say that things started to pick up when Manna Wu, the protagonist's paramour, possessed by a passionate rush made a risque proposal and an arbitrarily wanton decision amidst the puritanical setting of the depicted era. It's a relief to find someone doing sillier things than you do -- be it real or fictional.

Saturday, 2 am

My schedule planner has been filled out once again after a few months of being guiltily empty. Oh well, I allowed it a short respite after a hectic (a breath short of being a suicidal) schedule of activities of a corporate slave.

For the past two days being disconnected from the web felt like being hurled into the black hole. But now that I'm back online, those two days weren't so bad after all. But that is not to say I can live being unwired. ☺


Marni said...

being away from the web can sometimes bring a breath of fresh air. but it has a way of drawing you back into it. I can never be away from it for so long.

Issa Jimenez said...

I totally agree, Marni. Being away from the web can make you realize that there are actually other things that can stir your interest.... but then again, I'd still see myself gravitating towards my desktop.☺

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