11 July 2008

Still Saffinated

Rafa Nadal bagged the Wimbledon crown from The Fed in the most unforgiving way. And what happened to the racquet-smashing, cussing Safinator?

Rearing his gear for the next tourney along with some more racquet-smashing. And I'll still be rooting for The Safinator!


Enn said...

Hi Issa,
Your tennis pics and articles are great. I love to visit your website regularly. Cheers and best regards, Enn.

Mr. A said...

When would somebody tell Rafa Nadal that there might be something toxic in those trophies that could be damaging to his health. Stop biting them already.

I like your writing as well as your choice of tennis player. Go Safin! If only he stops smoking and drinking. And get a psychiatrist please. But then again, who want a boring Marat Safin.

Issa Jimenez said...

Glad you like the photos, Enn. Good photos add a kick to the written word.

Issa Jimenez said...

Ha-ha touché, Mr. A! Even something as innocuous as infant's milk can be so deadly these days.

Oooh.. The bonkers Safin suits me just fine. ;)

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