05 November 2007


It's almost 3 a.m. yet I'm wide awake. Awake and bored to death. I have been logging in and out of YM to find some "crazy" friends to chat with. None are crazy enough. Or better yet, the crazy ones have gone incognito and are merely ignoring my buzzes. Which rather irritates me, now that it crossed my mind. The two housemates are dead. Sleeping like dead logs, I mean. Pity outruns the evil desire to shout "fire!" and wake my two house companions as the older housemate just took a soporific decongestant while the younger housemate is still nursing an upset stomach.

Under normal circumstances, I enjoy the company of the inanimate. Me and my book. Me and my mug of coffee/tea. Me and the Internet. Me and my planner. Me and my eccentric imagination. Right now, I'm plainly stricken with distinctive boredom. Almost the kind of boredom that drove Holden Caulfield to yell "Sleep tight, ya morons!" then head to New York City to fritter away self-indulgently. The yelling part I can execute with panache. The frittering away is a luxury I don't hold at the moment as there is a vile lesson plan waiting to be accomplished. Harrumph... Harrumph..

Yummy macaroni! Somebody just buzzed. ☺


elay said...

i've been this bored too. and it sucks. hehe. kainis magising ng hanggang 3 am, wala kang makakausap kasi tulog na silang lahat.

Issa Jimenez said...

Frigging irritating when you are inflicted with boredom and there's just no one to talk to...

Got no problems being alone in fact, I prefer it that way most of the time but there are just these booorringgg days..

Lupideloop said...

I loved this post! :-) Maybe because I can relate to it very much. I have found myself often sitting aline in front of my pc at those small and ungodly hours of the morning not being able to nod off, or maybe not wanting to nod off!

Do you have Mahjonng Kyodai? A great game to occupy the mind in those lean moments.

Issa Jimenez said...

Haha.. exactly, there are days when sleep is the farthest thing on your mind.

Hmmm... that Mahjonng Kyodai seems swell, I'll surely check it out. Might be a good match with my caffeine fix.

Lupideloop said...

If you are truly interested in that game you can download it from here:

Enjoy! It has kept me afloat on many an occasion!

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